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                              Look at the stars: none of them stays in the same place.
Seneca (4 bC-65 aD  

Sample Tours Special Tours
Sam1-Ger From Berlin to Neuschwanstein SP-Okt Come to the Oktoberfest
Sam2-GCHA Great Imperial Cities Spe-Chr Jingle Bells
Sam3-Ita Italy - Gran Tour Spe-Art From the Rijksmuseum to the Sistine Chapel
Sam4-Fra Vive la France Spe-His From Checkpoint Charly to the
Normandy landing beaches
Sam5-Ben Flowers, Windmills and Museums -
Benelux Countries
Spe-Arc From baroque to bauhaus
Sam6-AA Alpine Adventures Mus-MHE The musical heart of Europe
Sam7-GN Germany and her Neighbors Mus-CIM Celebrated Italian musicians
Sam8-MM Madrid and Moorish Spain Mus-MGC Music and great composers of France
Sam9-GM Great Metropolisses of Europe Mus-LOO Light operas and operettas of the
Danube region
Sam10-TE Trains of Europe Mus-GOH Great opera houses of Europe
  Gar-GGE Glorious gardens in Europe
  Gar-GHGA Garden heritage in Germany and Austria
  Gar-BAB Blubs and blooms - Spring in the Netherlands
  Gar-IGH Italian garden delights
  Gar-EGC Edwardian gardens & Chelsea flower show
  Gar-LCG Loire castle gardens

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